Governing Organization

The L.D. Pankey Dental Foundation, Inc. was organized in 1969 to establish The Pankey Institute and carry out its mission. This foundation is composed of two bodies, a Board of Directors and Advisors. The Board of Directors is the governing body over the philosophical and financial affairs of the Institute. Members are from dental and non-dental backgrounds. Directors are elected to serve for three-year terms and may serve a maximum of ten years. Advisors are elected to advise the Board of Directors on matters pertaining to the Institute’s goals and mission.

Current Board of Directors

Richard Hunt

Dr. Richard Hunt, Chair

Glenda Owen

Dr. Glenda Owen, Vice Chair

Michael Crete

Dr. Michael Crete – Secretary

Michael Burke

Mr. Michael Burke, Treasurer

Blazek, DeAnne

Dr. DeAnne Blazek


Dr. Kelley Brummett


Mr. Ed Cooney

Phillip Gold

Mr. Phillip Gold, CDT

Donald W. Kaatz - Photo

Mr. Donald Kaatz

John Lavicka

Mr. John Lavicka, CDT


Dr. Michelle M. Lee


Dr. Dennis Stiles


Dr. Todd R. Sander

Michael Scherb

Dr. Michael Scherb

Current Advisors

Dr. Richard Akin
Dr. Brian Balaze
Dr. Jeff Baggett
Dr. Kathy Barth
Dr. Daren Becker
Dr. Irwin Becker
Mr. Kirk Behrendt
Dr. DeAnne Blazek
Dr. David Bloom
Dr. James Bond
Dr. Kelley Brummet
Mr. Michael Burke
Dr. Denison E Byrne
Dr. Steve Carstensen
Dr. Connie Cicorelli
Dr. Karen Conlin
Mr. Ed Cooney
Dr. Michael Crete
Dr. Jennifer Davis
Dr. Eben A. DeArmond, Jr
Dr. Barbara Devine
Dr. John R. Droter
Dr. Michael C. Fling
Dr. Kathy L. French
Dr. Randy Fussell
Dr. Yasmin E. George
Dr. Lynne S. Gerlach
Mr. Phillip N. Gold, CDT
Dr. Brian Gray
Dr. William Y. Gregg
Dr. Yvonne Hanley
Dr. Laura Harkin
Dr. Henry Herrmann
Dr. Amy Hunt
Dr. Richard Hunt
Mr. Donald W. Kaatz
Ms. Sheri Kay
Dr. Sara Kellogg
Dr. William Kelly
Dr. Glenn M. Kidder
Dr. James C. Kincaid
Dr. Matthew Kogan
Mr. T. John Lavicka, CDT
Dr. Michelle Lee
Dr. Lysandra Lestini
Dr. Shanley Lestini
Dr. Kurt Loveless
Dr. Sam Low
Dr. Stephen K. Malone
Dr. Edwin A. McDonald, II
Dr. Holger Meiser
Dr. Bill Moffett
Dr. Kevin F. Muench
Dr. Edmond O. Mukamal
Dr. Kevin Murphy
Dr. Mark T. Murphy
Dr.  James F. Otten
Dr. Glenda G. Owen
Dr. Benjamin Patrick
Dr. Bradley S. Portenoy
Dr. Buzz Raymond
Dr. Todd Sander
Dr. Gerald “Jerry” Savory
Dr. Michael J. Scherb
Mr. Dake Schwarte
Dr. Aly Sergie
Dr. Mark Shefrin
Dr. Dale Sorenson
Dr. Matthew Steinberg
Ms. Anne Steinbock
Dr. Dennis Stiles
Dr. James Strang
Dr. David Swan
Dr. Andrew Swiatowicz
Dr. Ronald Teel
Dr. J. Steven Tonelli
Dr. Andy Toy
Dr. Schuyler “Skip” Van Gorden
Dr. Richard Vermillion
Dr. Nancy Ward
Dr. George F. Warga
Dr. Allison Watts
Dr. Brad Weiss
Dr. Talmadge Wilkins
Dr. Billy Williams
Dr. Ed Zebovitz