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Becker Masters Course
Interdisciplinary examination of the most complex cases
April 11-14

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7 Seats Left!

Aesthetics 1
May 23-27

Only 3 Seats Left!

Advanced Dental Team
June 23-25


Short Courses

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The Art & Craft of
Helping People Learn

Nov. 12-13
Key Biscayne

Fusing Technical & Practice Management Education
Oct. 1

Invisalign Course
Nov. 18-20
Key Biscayne


Our Latest E1 Referral Heroes:

Dr. Connie Cicorelli
Dr. Greg Di Lauri
Dr. Robert Girschek
Dr. Frank Graziano
Dr. Jim Kessler
Dr. Tanner McKenna
Dr. John Migalski
Dr. Dirk Newman
Dr. Matthew Steinberg
Dr. Schuyler Van Gorden

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Mr. Reynolds R. Challoner

Pine Tree Dental Group

Kevin G. Murphy,

Congratulations to our New Pankey Scholars:

Dr. Bruce R. Dunn -
Denver, CO

Dr. Peter C. Furnari - Scarsdale, NY

Dr. Glenda G. Owen - Houston, TX
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Wednesday, October 12, 2011: Arrivals
Thursday, October 13: Faculty Enhancement Program, Alumni Welcome Reception
Friday & Saturday, October 14 - 15: Alumni Meeting Program
Sunday, October 16: Departures
Location: A Miami Beach or Orlando Venue


The first thing that I want to say is how extremely optimistic I am for the future of the Pankey Institute. The enthusiasm and support of the faculty, alumni, and students has been beyond anything that I might have imagined until I personally experienced it. Your selfless generosity and singular vision for what this Institute means to the future of dentistry is truly unique, not only in our profession, but I dare say in almost any endeavor, and in any profession.

I am visiting the Institute as frequently as my work schedule allows. During each of these visits I am experiencing one of the Essentials Courses as a student. I am finding this to be a valuable opportunity to see our mission unfold from a new perspective. This also gives me a chance to have unique and informative conversations, with both students and visiting faculty. I guess you could say that it is giving me a chance to see the Institute from both sides of the podium.


Outreach Seminars
Drs. Mike Fling, Skip Van Gorden, and Steve Ikemiya are volunteering their time to organize and present a wonderful, full “Pankey” day at the Pasadera Country Club in Monterey, CA. This is an ideal opportunity for dentists who have never been to The Pankey Institute to spend a Friday learning some of the behavioral and clinical essentials of becoming the leader of a relationship-based practice. Tuition is very affordable—only $200. Click the banner below for details. Sign-up and bring a friend!


Short Courses for Scholarship Funds

We have several short courses on the schedule, organized and presented by members of our Visiting Faculty. All proceeds from these courses will go to the Pankey Institute Scholarship Fund. Come out and support these courses because (1) they will energize you while you develop your skills leading to higher profitability and fulfillment with your patients, (2) you will enjoy being with your Pankey colleagues and their friends, and (3) your tuition will help make the Pankey Essentials courses more affordable for new dentists.

 Click on banners below to see the details of short courses coming up in May and June. Click here to download a pdf brochure of all short courses scheduled so far. The Invisalign short course held in February was sold out, and the TMD course coming up in May is full. We will be offering these courses again later in the year


Pankey to Partner with America's Toothfairy®
National Children's Oral Health Foundation: America's Toothfairy (NCOHF) and The Pankey Institute have formed a partnership to provide volunteer dental services to promising at-risk teens and underserved childrend throughout America through the America's Toothfairy Dental Home and Tomorrow's SMILES © programs.
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Harry and His Bridge Partners
(A story about Self-Worth and Case Acceptance)
By Dr. William Y. Gregg, Visiting Faculty

I first met Harry about four years ago – a “good” referral from a periodontist. His general dentist had retired. A thorough evaluation at that time revealed significant dental compromises – the most notable being a Class 2 deep overbite with the lower incisors meeting the lingual of the upper incisors at the gingival margin. There were the typical lingual indentations where the lower teeth fit. The four upper incisors were slightly mobile from trauma and all showed significant, irregular wear patterns. There were large diastemas between all teeth.

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Go to to see photos from the Pankey-Dawson Reception at the Midwinter Meetings, class photos, event announcements, alumni conversations, and more!

By Greg Stevens, Vice President, J&G Money Matters, Inc.

Have you ever received a phone call on April 14th from your CPA saying “just finished your taxes and you’ll need to include a $50,000.00 check to the IRS with your return?”  Doesn’t this just end up ruining your day, month, quarter?  If no savings was aside, the ensuing months are likely to be painful.  Would you prefer a different scenario that is more palatable?  As business owners, dentists ought to consider a savings plan for tax liabilities.  This will ease the “sticker shock” come each April 14th, and will allow the dentist to focus on the real reasons he or she is in practice.

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