Alumni Renewal is in full swing!  Join us in 2014!

I joined the Pankey Alumni Association to continue to be a part of a “Community of Learners” committed to Quality Care and Excellence in Dentistry.  I’ve never met a group of people so enthusiastic about  helping other Dentists become better professionals and better people.- 

Dr. Jeff Baggett, Oklahoma, Platinum Alumni Member

In the next week you will be receiving your alumni renewal information in the mail. We are excited to welcome YOU to join us in 2014 as a member of The Pankey Alumni Association.  Stay connected with your Pankey Family!

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Heraeus Precious Metal Refining & Giving Back!

Last year Pankey Alumni forged an amazing collaboration with Heraeus, the world’s largest private precious metal refiner, let’s finish strong in the last quarter of 2013, Pankey Family!

Please don’t forget to fill the plastic bag in your blue box with your gold, platinum, palladium, and silver scrap, following the steps on the instruction sheet, and ship the box to Heraeus using their free UPS mailing slip. Once they receive your package, they will assess the value of your metal and send you a check for that amount. As a thank you for using their service, they will make a donation to Pankey in your name equaling 5% of the value of your refined metal. 

"Our company is dedicated to doing whatever we can to enhance the success of our customers, which is why we are so pleased to be able to support the efforts of the L.D. Pankey Dental Foundation,” said Christopher Holden, President of Heraeus Kulzer North America.  “Pankey does an exceptional job of providing the behavioral, clinical, and financial knowledge dental practitioners need to be successful, and we are proud that our products and financial support are able to assist them in their mission.”

You may also request a kit, free of charge, by clicking on the Read More link below, please remember to write on the acknowledgment form PANKEY. 

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Now is the time to join a Pankey Learning Group! (PLG)

Get the 411 here on how to become involved!

Whether you are a Pankey faculty member, a Specialist, a Technician,or a General Densist  you can start your own PLG.  We have made it easy to be a facilitator of a group using a turnkey package.  Everything you need for your monthly meetings is provided to you.  This is an opportunity to  support your colleagues between the Essentials and to create a sense of community among like-minded dentists.  The materials provided prepare you to facilitate the clinical, behavioral and philosophical discussions and treatment for each module. 

Dr. Mark Murphy & Jane Ratcliff would love to get your PLG off and running,  Please contact  them here:

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A Crown Lengthening Workshop!  Creating More Predictable Restorations- May 30, 2014

This Hands-on Workshop is timely in that with today’s focus on so many new restorative techniques we sometimes forget foundational concepts that can help with obtaining better restorative results. Learning about these Crown Lengthening concepts will give participants a better opportunity to “Apply Your Knowledge”, plus overcome everyday restorative problems such as: 

*Managing cusps fractured below the gingiva

*Prepping  too deeply,  which prevents predictable impressions or results in red, sore marginal tissues

*Planning esthetic restorations in the anterior while facing uneven gingival levels or a “Gummy Smile”

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Upcoming Courses

October 2013
Essentials 3 (6-10)
Excellence in Bonded Porcelain Restorations (17-19)
Essentials 4 (20-24)
Couples Leadership (24-26)
Essentials 1 (27-31)

November 2013
Essentials 2 (3-7)
Implant Essentials (8-12)
Utilizing Invisalign to Enhance Restorative
Outcomes (21-23) 

January 2014
Essentials 1 (19-23)
Essentials 2 (26-30)

February 2014
Essentials 3 (2-6)
Essentials 4 (9-13)
Utilization of Composite for Treating Complex Restorative Cases (27-March 1)
The Keys to Getting Pankey Dentistry off the Shelf (7-8)

March 2014
Restoring the Occlusally Challenged Patient (6-8) 
Aesthetics: Natural Beauty From Diagnosis to Delivery (9-13)
A Comprehensive Look at TMD 2 (16-20)
Essentials 1 (30- April 3)

April 2014
Dental Sleep Medicine (10-14)
Essentials 2 (27-May 1)

May 2014
Essentials 1 (4-8)
Implant Essentials (16-20)
Crown Lengthening:
Creating More Predictable Restorations (30)

June 2014
Essentials 2 (6-10)
Essentials 4 (22-26)

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