Oh What A Masterful Climb It Was!

The Pankey Institute's 2013 Annual Meeting was inspiring, educational, informative and truly exemplified Peer Learning & The Pankey Philosophy.
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Implant Essentials: Learn to Place & Restore!

Through this comprehensive course, the experienced restorative dentist will learn the skills necessary to place simple fixtures.  Under the expert instruction of a variety of skilled practitioners, including an interdisciplinary team comprised of restorative dentists, periodontists, certified dental technicians and a board-certified oral and maxillofacial radiologist, you will gain a well-rounded and practical understanding on how to integrate this difficult procedure into your daily restorative practice in a meaningful way for you, your team, and your patients. 

November 8-12, 2013 & May 16-20, 2014

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Now is the time to join a Pankey Learning Group! (PLG)

Having Launched several Pankey Learning Groups, (PLG) get the 411 here on how to join in!

1.    Faculty - A Pankey faculty member serves as the nucleus to mentor other dentists at various stages of their journey.
2.    Specialists - What better way to help create a sense of community among like minded Pankey Dentist Referrers and those who would like to be.
3.    Technicians - We all know that this relationship is so key to our success.  Labs are stepping up and facilitating groups of Pankey and non Pankey clients
4.    Participants  -  Who have attended the Institute and have friends (some of whom have not) ...and they just form up geographically. 

              One of our first groups is in Israel and started by a specialist! 

The facilitator does not pay tuition because they will have responsibilities for food, local arrangements and the logistics of the meetings.  Our turnkey process, kits & preview videos, make it easy for our facilitator and will prepare you to lead the clinical, behavioral and philosophical discussions and treatment that you need.
Please click "Read More" below for further information.  Dr. Mark Murphy, would love to get your PLG off and running,  Please contact him here:  Dr. Mark Murphy

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Unleash The Power of Your Interdisciplinary Team -December 5-8

As you begin to take on more complex cases and more responsibility, you will need to understand the importance and value of working with a team of specialists in a totally collaborative way. You will also need tools and facilitation on how to create and nurture the teams for the benefit of all involved.

This course is a quintessential step for dentists and specialists who are engaging in complex cases requiring an interdisciplinary approach. Our team will demonstrate how a dentist working with a team of specialists can lead to better treatment recommendations and outcomes for patients, how working with a team can lead to more well referred patients for all involved, and how working with a team can improve case acceptance and ultimately greater profitability.

Using our real life existing interdisciplinary team, we will demonstrate first hand (and live) how we work together to develop the best treatment options for patients and will share how this has benefitted each of us.

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Upcoming Courses

September 2013
Essentials 1 (8-12)
Essentials 2 (29-October 3)

October 2013
Essentials 3 (6-10)
Excellence in Bonded Porcelain Restorations (17-19)
Essentials 4 (20-24)
Couples Leadership (24-26)
Essentials 1 (27-31)

November 2013
Essentials 2 (3-7)
Implant Essentials (8-12)
Utilizing Invisalign to Enhance Restorative
Outcomes (21-23) 

December 2013
Unleash The Power of your Interdisciplinary Team (5-8)

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