Do you want to grow your practice but find yourself shying away from restoring or placing implants?

Do these questions sound familiar?
What implant is best and which abutment should I use?

How many implants should I place?

When is the proper time to place and restore implants for the best aesthetic result?

How do I get my surgeon to place implants in the right place every time- or should I place them myself?

How can I get my lab to understand what I need?
At Pankey, we can help provide the answers!

Implant supported restorations are a fundamental and predictable part of current patient care. Dentists are challenged with a variety of clinical scenarios where implants might be useful and a myriad of types of implants, which can make planning a case complex and often confusing.  
This course builds on the restorative knowledge of the Pankey Essential courses to provide an interdisciplinary protocol for implant restoration and comprehensive care- whether you or a specialist places the implants.

Case-based treatment planning is used to illustrate the 2014 state-of-the-art decision-making for every aspect of implant diagnosis, placement, restoration, and maintenance. This course will make you competent to quarterback the team and direct your patient to accept optimum dentistry.
You will become proficient with pre-operative clinical evaluation, imaging with radiographs and cone-beam computed tomography, and surgical anatomy.
Translating this information into predictable placement with each type of surgical guide will be shown. Hands-on implant surgery will facilitate the dentist's placement of straightforward implants and understanding the surgical details involved in team treatment planning. Restorative decisions based on clinical considerations and priorities will organize treatment-planning into a logical system that is easily communicated to patients and specialists.

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In 2013 we celebrated our Inaugural Dental Hero Honorees.  It was a moving and special night as we honored those that have touched our lives in so many ways.

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