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    View Focus Courses By: You have specific educational needs to serve your patients which is why you can focus your learning with us. Our Focus courses, designed to cover the latest topics in dentistry, provide you with opportunities to discover new techniques. Many of our Focus courses follow a flexible schedule allowing you […]

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Current Advisors Dr. Richard Akin Dr. Brian Balaze Dr. Jeff Baggett Dr. Kathy Barth Dr. Daren Becker Dr. Irwin Becker Dr. DeAnne Blazek Dr. David Bloom Dr. Kelley Brummett Dr. Katie Burggraaf Dr. Rafael Bustamante Dr. Steve Carstensen Dr. Irina Chandler Dr. Lynn Chincheck Dr. Connie Cicorelli Dr. Michael Crete Dr. Clayton R. Davis Dr. [...]

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A Surgeon’s Journey to Bring Provisionals to Every Site Richard T. Akin, DDS, MD   Integrating Anterior Lingual and Posterior Occlusal Morphology Using the DeVreugd Occlusal Compass Russell T. DeVreugd   The Prepless Foil Veneer Von Grow, DTG Take me back to the main meeting page > Transition from Production to High-End Restorations Al Hodges, CDT     View the […]

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List of Faculty   Dr. Akin, Richard As a dual doctorate (DDS, MD) oral and maxillofacial surgeon, Dr. Akin manages a wide variety of concerns relating to the jaws and teeth.  Dr. Akin practices the full scope of oral and maxillofacial surgery with specific expertise in dental implant surgery, dental bone grafting and wisdom tooth […]