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Participating in a Pankey Off-Campus course is a wonderful opportunity to experience Pankey learning in a few short days at various locations across the country or on our new Pankey Online!

If you’ve never been to a Pankey course, this is a great introduction to seeing what makes our learning experiences so unique and how incredibly supportive our community is! We’ll show you how to differentiate yourself through clinical excellence and we’ll help you develop the clinical, leadership, management and human influence skills you need to succeed in dentistry today. It is never too soon or too late to commit to excellence, so we hope to see you soon at one of these upcoming events!

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Evaluating, Diagnosing and Treating Worn Dentition

2022 Dates TBA

When you see patients with worn dentition, do you ever wonder, “How did their teeth get like that?” Do you ever wish you could have diagnosed them earlier and possibly prevented that wear from occurring? Do you feel confident when planning a restorative treatment plan for them?

In this program, you will learn how to treat patients with worn dentition as well as how to identify the patterns and behaviors that lead to wear. You will learn how to diagnose, treatment plan and manage severe wear.

Revolutionary Techniques: Provisional Restoration Fabrication & Final Restoration Alterations

2022 Dates TBA

This course reveals fast and easy techniques for wax-up and stent fabrication along with techniques for quick fabrication of composite shell overlays. These shell overlays can be utilized as provisional restorations, as intermediate restorations, or as permanent direct bonded final restorations. These techniques will drastically reduce workload and time of treatment while predictably improving outcomes. A new intermediate restorative material is described along with techniques for using the shell overlays for testing vertical dimension, occlusal, aesthetics, and for utilization when structural integrity for conventional crowns is minimal. You will also learn how to use this technique for the development of beautiful core fillings that may reduce the need for provisional crowns. These are practical clinical techniques that can revolutionize your practice!

Top Clinical Tips

 April 22-23, 2022

Dentistry is changing at a rapid pace. Being successful and efficient is about staying on top of the newest trends and clinical tips. In this program, Dr. Brady will present the top clinical tips and techniques she is teaching. Some are old tried and true approaches that remain successful, while others introduce brand new materials and approaches. Tips will span the areas of prevention, posterior composites, and indirect all ceramics.

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