The Pankey Scholar Program

Are you interested in becoming one of only a select few to be called a Pankey Scholar? The Pankey Scholar program is intended for those who desire to continue their self-development by demonstrating the level they have achieved in clinical competency; behavioral relations with patients, staff, and others; clinical competency; philosophical understanding and application; and practice financial management.

In two sessions, you will be asked to demonstrate your understanding of your practice financial situation and prudent managerial decision-making. Staff issues and application of principles learned through the Essentials will be revealed through group discussions. You also will be asked to display a portfolio of your excellent dentistry to the Scholar Panel. The second session will follow the first by nine months to allow time for you to complete individualized growth assignments based on the discovery of the first session.

Each session is limited to six participants. Fluent understanding of the principles of comprehensive patient care, occlusion, interdisciplinary care and restorative dentistry, as taught at The Pankey Institute, will be afforded each participant.

Click here to download the Pankey Scholar Criteria

Please contact Jackie Robinson to communicate your interest in joining this elite group of learners.


List of Pankey Scholars:

Group #1 – 2002

Dr. James F. Fondriest

Dr. Bradley S. Portenoy

Dr. Steve Ratcliff

Dr. Michael J. Scherb

Dr. Schuyler Van Gorden

Dr. George F. Warga

Group #2 – February-August 2003

Dr. Philip N. Ankrim

Dr. Thomas W. Dawson

Dr. Michael C. Fling

Dr. Kenneth E. Myers

Dr. William P.D. Wynne

Dr. Gayle Tieszen Reardon

Group #3 – 2003-2004

Dr. William L. Koch

Dr. Dianna Lenick

Dr. Edmond O. Mukamal

Dr. Ronald M. Teel

Group #4 – 2005-2005

Dr. Brian R. Beirl

Dr. Jeffery T. Bonk

Dr. Margie Mannering

Dr. John D. Orsi

Dr. James Schumacher

Group #5 – 2005-2006

Dr. Steven M. Hart

Dr. Thomas R. Henry

Dr. W. Lee Payne

Dr. Dale A. Sorenson

Group #6 – 2006

Dr. William Y. Gregg

Dr. Stephen K. Malone

Dr. David W. Swan

Group #7 – 2007-2008

Dr. Jeff D. Baggett

Dr. Peter H. Fay

Dr. Susan Hollar

Dr. D. Kent Moberly

Dr. Roger A. Solow

Group #8 – 2007-2008

Dr. Carl F. Findley, Jr.

Dr. Anita T. Myers

Dr. Andrew E. Swenda, Jr.

Dr. Dag Zapatero

Group #9 – 2009-2010

Dr. Bruce R. Dunn

Dr. Peter C. Furnari

Dr. Glenda G. Owen