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Phone: 740 354-5763
Practice/Lab Name: Amy L Heim DDS
620 Washington Street, Portsmouth, OH 45662, USA 45662
Dental School: Dental School at Ohio State
Membership Type: 2023 Platinum Dentist Alumni Membership
About Me:

Growing up, I was always trying to create masterpieces using art and craft supplies. In high school, that love for art continued as I would stay up late painting to complete my latest art project. Sometimes, you could even catch me walking around the school with a paintbrush in my hair! I graduated with dreams to pursue my love for art and design. Little did I know that after having the opportunity to shadow a female dentist, my artistic career path would be merged with science.
After completing dental school at Ohio State, I was excited to return home. I returned not just with my dental degree, but also with my husband, Adam, who is a constant source of support and love. Together, we decided to move back to the beautiful hills of Southern Ohio. I could not imagine living anywhere else but where I was born and raised as this area will always have my heart and soul.
Dentistry is sometimes viewed as a task; a broken tooth that needs fixed. However, I view dentistry differently. I’m a life-long learner and take ten times the required continuing education each year. This has profoundly influenced my philosophy of dentistry and has shaped the way I serve my patients. I believe wholeheartly that managing a patient’s dental wellness can not only improve their confidence but also improve their overall health. I’m also committed to using my love for art to design naturally beautiful smiles.
I am blessed to be able to serve this community and I would like to invite you into my “Dental Studio” where we promise to elevate your standard of dentistry.

About My Practice or Lab:

At Amy L. Heim DDS, we want to elevate your expectations of dentistry.
Our relationship-based approach to dental care focuses on you being fully aware of the conditions in your mouth. We believe that awareness of your health and having treatment options is the defining trait which propels our practice forward. We are committed to proactively managing your unique needs to ensure long term benefits. We would be proud to partner with you on your dental journey.
Practicing with a high standard of excellence, we believe the best dentistry is achieved when health, function, biology and esthetics are married together. We also believe that the health of the mouth is the gateway to the health of the rest of the body. Our intention is to effectively communicate that understanding with each patient interaction.