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Dr. Jeffrey T. Bonk

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Dr. Jeffrey Bonk
Phone: 847 - 381-3210
525 W Old Northwest Hwy, Ste 303, Barrington, IL 60010
Dental Specialty: General Dentist
Membership Type: Pankey Alumni Association
Advisor: Yes
Faculty: Visiting Faculty
About Me:

Dr. Jeffrey T. Bonk loves his craft and is continually refining and honing his skills in order to provide the highest quality cosmetic, general and complex restorative dental care for patients in Barrington and the surrounding area. However, Dr. Bonk believes that what he does goes far beyond just treating teeth… it’s also about building strong relationships with his patients.

About My Practice or Lab:

Dr. Bonk and his staff have a mission to help people find the care and personal service they want and deserve – especially those who have suffered with substandard dentistry. Every patient that sits in his dental chair has a story to tell and Dr. Bonk loves to listen, offer hope in times of frustration and, above all, help people find barrington-dentist-exam room the courage to laugh, smile and regain the confidence they need to enjoy life.