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Dr. Katherine Eslao
Phone: 415 - 398-5200
556 Battery Street, San Francisco, CA, USA
Membership Type: Pankey Platinum Membership
About Me:

Graduating from University of the Pacific in 1994, Dr. Eslao's first year was spent working in her parent’s dental office in Southern California. She then moved to the Central Valley to become associated in a group practice, where she stayed until 2000. The new millennium marked a time of inspiration and progression for Dr. Eslao when she decided to establish her roots in San Francisco.
Most importantly, Dr. Eslao is known for her positive and caring attitude, as well as her superior standard in dentistry. The heart and soul of Dr. Eslao's practice are her patients, and she demonstrates her respect and regard for them through continued support, education, and safeguarding of their health (by herself and her staff). Her main focus is to empower patients to live balanced, harmonious, and healthy lives. It is this attitude that develops her aptitude in forging and building life-long relationships with her patients.
She pursues continuing education with vigor, as her passion for dentistry draws her to scale new heights in patient care, cosmetic dentistry, and reconstructive dentistry. In order to maintain and diversify her base of experience and knowledge, she selects dental continuing education courses that will enable her to cultivate and develop her understanding of Dentistry.

About My Practice or Lab:

Welcome to Advanced Dentistry!
Since 2004, our doctors and staff have worked as a team to provide superlative dental care for patients in San Francisco and the surrounding areas.
Advanced Dentistry’s mission statement, “Lead with excellence, and serve with compassion”, is more than just a phrase. It’s our way of life! We achieve this daily by having the wisdom of over 100 years of combined dental experience and education.
Utilizing state-of-the-art technology and cutting-edge materials in a modern, relaxed atmosphere, Advanced Dentistry ensures you receive the highest standard of care and devotion. We value and understand what a beautiful smile can do for your self-esteem and confidence.