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Dr. Robert L. Frazer

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Phone: 512 - 346-0455
Practice/Lab Name: R. L. Frazer and Associates, Inc.
PO Box 203038, Austin, TX 78720
Membership Type: Pankey Alumni Association
About Me:

Dr. Bob Frazer is an innovative leader in the world of dentistry. He has been a soughtafter
speaker and consultant for dentists and their organizations for 30 years. He
conducts workshops across North America and Europe and is a member of the National
Speakers Association.
In addition to being a popular presenter, he offers dentists a range of transformational
services including applied strategic planning, performance coaching, wilderness
leadership adventures, and a National Study Club. He helps dentists realize lives of
balance, fulfillment and significance while he shows them how to make comprehensive
and restorative dental practices not only health-centered and highest-quality but also
profitable. He removes barriers to people's potential by providing exciting models,
principles and processes from which they and their organizations can design and build a
preferred future.
Bob has been married to his wife, Linda, for more than 41 years. They have two sons and two grandchildren. Bob enjoys fly fishing, volunteering with his church and civic organizations, and spending time with his family.
Dr. Frazer coaches and consults, gives presentations, and conducts workshops for dentists and their organizations across North America and Europe, a 30-year tradition based on his experience in his own successful private dental practice of over 28 years.
During the 62nd Annual Scientific Session of the AES - Leaders in Occlusion, TMD & Comprehensive Oral Care, Dr. Bob Frazer, Jr., was installed as the 60th President of this prestigious dental society. AES has over 600 members from 34 nations of the world. It was formerly the American Equilibration Society which changed its name in 2016 to more accurately reflect the scope of its current Vision and Mission.

About My Practice or Lab:

At R.L. Frazer & Associates, we are dedicated to one goal: making your life the one you dream about - whether that means more prosperity for your dental practice, greater impact for your organization or a healthier balance between your life and work.
Vision becomes reality through clear thought and real action. Our vision is to be the most sought-after leadership and results-focused consultant, performance coach, and learning resource group for the dental community by transforming leaders into creators of their own destiny through a new model of fulfillment, success, significance, and profitability. We achieve our mission with the help of the best team of people working in consulting today.