How You’ll Learn

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The Pankey Experience

We heard from you loud and clear – once you leave the Institute, other courses and Study Clubs just don’t compare.

Whether you’ve had an exceptional learning experience with us already or had a little interest, but never gotten around to it – this is the perfect opportunity for you.


Our Exclusive Features:

  • Complimentary Denar® 330 articulator. One per group*
  • Articulated casts
  • Virtual models
  • Emphasis on small group learning
  • Resources to expand skills in the 3 growth areas (technical, behavioral & financial)

Turnkey Program – Delivered Pankey Style

You won’t find a printed manual or a bunch of slides that leave you more or less on your own to host your next meeting with us. Instead, we’ve worked with a group of your peer experts and collaborated with the treating doctor for each case to produce interactive modules you will access online both before and during your meeting.

Plus, our multimedia Meeting Player organizes the meeting content into sections based on a suggested agenda – making it easy for you to host a meeting regardless of your experience.



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