The Value of Your Investment

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Our programs support your learning and nothing more.

You are our bottom-line. It’s that simple. 

For more than five decades, we’ve had the privilege of educating more than 25 thousand dentists which means that we know we’ve touched the lives of 45 million or more patients – and that’s what gets us up every morning!

As a not-for-profit organization, all of our money is reinvested into changing the lives of dentists, technicians, team members, and patients through our comprehensive advanced education and friendly community.


One Size Doesn’t Fit All

In addition to the extensive one-on-one coaching our Pankey Study Club Directors give every group throughout the process of joining and preparing for each Study Club meeting – we are committed to meeting your learning needs, so we offer two styles of learning: Independent Learning and Facilitated Learning.

We’ll help you determine the ideal option for you and your group, but the chart below highlights some of the features for each style of learning.

The "Hunt" Learning Group, Rocky Mount, NC

The “Hunt” Group
Rocky Mount, NC

 Features Independent Learning Facilitated Learning 
One Complimentary Denar 330
articulator per Club. ($1,200 value)
  X  X
Private Online Discussion Forum for the Group X X
 Annual Membership Fee – $1800  X  X
Host’s Membership Fee – $0*  X  X
Minimum Membership # 8+ (incl. host) 8+ (incl. host)
 Meetings/Year 8
3 hours each
16 hours each (8 hrs x 2 days)
CDE Hours 24 hrs annually (8 x 3hrs) 32 hrs annually (2 x 16hrs)
Ideal For… Groups that want content & guidance from experts delivered in a multimedia format that enables anyone to host the meetings and lead discussions regardless of his/her experience Groups that want an experienced Facilitator to help guide longer and deeper learning sessions over a 2 day period
Facilitator honorarium included  Not Applicable  X


*The Host’s annual membership fee is complimentary in exchange for:

  • Organizing the club’s activities
  • Securing or providing a meeting facility, supplies and food
  • Serving as the point of contact for the Pankey Study Club team

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