Class One Triple Plus Club

Our Class One Triple Plus Club members are so much more than names on our esteemed Wall of Honor. They exemplify the very essence of our mission through their unrelenting commitment to lifelong learning as well as their dedication to providing other dentists with opportunities to realize their dreams for their practices and lives. Class One Triple Plus Club members help The L.D. Pankey Dental Foundation maintain its position as the epitome of excellence in advanced dental education with each new generation. Indeed, club members translate the Pankey Philosophy from textbook theory to lifestyle practice.

By joining the Class One Triple Plus Club, you are honoring the legacy of Dr. L.D. Pankey, Sr. (the club’s founder), your fellow participants, Visiting Faculty, along with all the masters of dentistry who made it possible for you to receive the transformative educational experience you received at The Pankey Institute. Your commitment of $10,000 or more, payable over the span of five years, will pave the way for future dentists to benefit from the same knowledge you received. Triple Plus Club members embody the heart and soul of our motto Quid Pro Quo, “one thing for another,” and, as a special thank you for your generosity, we are pleased to recognize your dedication to excellence with a plaque, which we will proudly display on our Wall of Honor. Each plaque is engraved with a name of your choosing (yours and/or an honoree’s). This wall is a signature feature of our lobby at The Institute, and all plaques are viewable as one enters the building. Upon fulfillment of your pledge, a gold Quid Pro Quo emblem is added to your plaque in recognition of your generosity.

For more information on how you can take your place on the Wall and become a member of the Class One Triple Plus Club, please contact Eva Montero, at [email protected].

We look forward to welcoming you into this very special community within of our Pankey family!