Code of Ethics

The Pankey Institute welcomes financial and other contributions from corporations and others who support the advancement of dentistry. The Pankey Institute also seeks partnerships and alliances that further its core mission of providing superior advanced dental education, while retaining its independence, avoiding conflicts of interest, and guarding its professional integrity and ethical standards.

The Pankey Institute will work with contributors and other supporters to ensure that they will:

  • Receive appropriate public recognition of their support;
  • Be identified as sponsors of programs, equipment, services or facilities as appropriate; and
  • Enjoy close working relationships with the Pankey Institute management team.

The Pankey Institute commits to the profession that it will only accept contributions that support its core mission. To that end:

  • Contributors may have access to program participants when it is beneficial to the students and their learning experience; and
  • While the Institute will not directly endorse the use of specific products, it will encourage students to make their own decisions on the value of individual products in their practices.
  • The Pankey Institute is committed to transparency through its practice of:
  • Accepting financial and other contributions and clearly recognizing them in appropriate Institute publications and on its web site.

The appropriate use of The Pankey Institute logo by a corporate partner may be approved by The Pankey Institute as requested.