Friends of L.D. Pankey

Anyone who has read A Philosophy of the Practice of Dentistry or sat in a room with the master himself as he shared his wisdom with the profession he loved so deeply, knows what it’s like to be an admirer of Dr. Pankey. There are, however, an exceptional group of people who have taken this admiration to the next level. These individuals have made it their mission to preserve the knowledge this man spent a lifetime gathering, and have invested the time, energy, talent, and funds required to ensure his philosophy of balance, compassion, and technical precision continues to be encapsulated in this powerhouse of dental education tucked away on Key Biscayne. These individuals are no longer just admirers; they are Friends of L.D. Pankey.

Join the Friends of L.D. Pankey by making a contribution today. Any amount, large or small, is a confirmation of your commitment to excellence in dental education and to The Pankey Institute, home of the philosophy that changes lives. Dr. Pankey inspired the Institute, but the Friends of L.D. Pankey continue to build it. Put your hands on the rope and pull and witness the phenomenal things we can accomplish together.

L.D. Pankey Dental Foundation SM