L.D. Pankey Dental Foundation Scholarships

Pankey Scholarships are merit-based scholarships selected primarily on the basis of leadership potential in the field of dentistry, commitment to lifelong learning, and active participation in community service.

Pankey annually awards the following scholarships:

The Richard & Linda Green Scholarship, available to 3 new participants who are five to fifteen years old out of dental school.
Total awards: $1,000 Apply

Dr. Denny Byrne & Dr. Nancy Ward Scholarship, available to practicing dentists to attend The Pankey Institute’s Essentials curriculum. Students and alumni of the University of Maryland School of Dentistry are encouraged to apply
Total awards: $1,000  Apply

The Mark & Denice Murphy Scholarship, available to new participants for partial course tuition for The Pankey Institute’s Essentials One course. 
Total awards: $2,000  Apply

The Ms. Ricki Braswell Scholarship, available to women in dentistry.
Total awards: $500  Apply

The Donald C. “Ozzie” Asbjornson Scholarship: awarded to emerging leaders, dental students or residents, to attend The 2020 Pankey Symposium . This application is now open! The deadline is Aug. 1, 2020.
Award Value: $1,900 Apply

Pankey University Scholarship: full-tuition scholarship awarded to graduating dental students to enroll in Essentials One in the following calendar year. One (1) scholarship given each year to three (3) dental schools: Louisiana State University, University of Louisville and University of Florida. Contact your Dean for more information.
Award: $4,300

The 2019 Donald “Ozzie” Asbjornson Scholarship” Recipients: Dr. Andrew Choi, Dr. Sable Muntean and Dr. Frederico Lima
 “The 2018 Dr. Denny Byrne & Dr. Nancy Ward Scholarship” Recipient: Dr. Guneshi De Mel  The 2018 Donald “Ozzie” Asbjornson Scholarship” Recipients: Giancarlo Cecchini, Laura Sundmark, and David Markiewicz (right)
Student / New Grad: awarded to full-time students, residents or within 18 months of Graduation for enrollment in Essentials One for $2,900 includes lodging. Limited to two students per E1 course date. Contact:  [email protected].

: awarded to full-time Dental School faculty to enroll in an Essentials course and receive 50% off regular tuition pricing. Limited to two faculty per E1 course date. Contact [email protected].

 Active Duty Military: awarded to active military to enroll in an Essentials course and receive 20% off regular tuition pricing. Contact  [email protected].

Please complete the application. For more information, contact [email protected], or give us a call 1.800.4PANKEY

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