Message from our President and CEO, Board Chair and Chair of Pankey Legacy Campaign

Pankey is a global community that has advocated for patient-centered, comprehensive care dentistry for nearly 50 years. Since 1967, we have charted a path of excellence in oral healthcare by providing unique educational resources and interactive learning opportunities, empowering dental professionals to develop and implement the technical, philosophical, behavioral, and financial habits necessary to succeed in their careers, while emphasizing the importance of maintaining work-life balance. Inspired by the philosophy and tremendous legacy of Dr. L.D. Pankey, Sr., The L.D. Pankey Dental Foundation has remained the only nonprofit, non-commercial institution of advanced dental education in the country. The proof of our philosophy's effectiveness has been clearly demonstrated by the rewards our participants experience year after year. We have educated over 30,000 dental professionals who have in turn affected the lives of 54 million patients worldwide.

However, the time has come for us to create dreams that are as big as our memories. This exciting endeavor is The Pankey Legacy Campaign. Our goal is to raise $5M by our 50th anniversary in 2019. In doing so, we intend to reignite the Quid Pro Spirit that has made us great, to reengage our extensive Pankey family and reeducate the broader community of dentists about our status as pioneers in the field of oral healthcare. Our model of patient-centered, relationship-based care and advocacy for a healthy, balanced lifestyle is more vital than ever. We are calling on YOU to help us preserve this storied philosophy and advance our profession through this movement. Please join us and carve out a legacy for yourself that will influence future dental generations and the patients they serve.


The governing objectives of Pankey Legacy Campaign are:

  • To build a more robust financial portfolio for Pankey which will entail significantly growing our endowment while bringing in current-use gifts
  • To create new endowed and non-endowed scholarships
  • To expand the Adopt a Dental School, Pankey Learning Groups, Off-Campus Courses, while creating new and innovative programming that promotes the Pankey brand
  • To enhance Foundation facilities through establishment of endowments


The low-volume, relationship-based practice model for comprehensive care that has drawn dentists to The Pankey Institute for years is being challenged like never before. However, through the generous support of our community, Pankey will continue to thrive and inspire the next generation of dentists to realize the practice of their dreams as we provide the tools and support for them to achieve it!


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The governing objectives of Pankey Legacy Campaign are:
  • To create new endowed and non-endowed scholarships
  • To expand the Adopt a Dental School Program, Pankey Learning Groups, Off-Campus Courses, while creating new and innovative programming that promotes the Pankey brand
  • To enhance Foundation facilities through establishment of endowments

Pankey Legacy Campaign will enable The L.D. Pankey Dental Foundation to build a more robust financial portfolio for Pankey which, overall, will entail significantly growing our endowment (40%) while bringing in current-use gifts (60%)

The Pankey Legacy Campaign will greatly enhance how we serve our global community for another 50 years!


Education   |   Community   |   Outreach

Since 2011, we have created a host of opportunities for young participants to experience Pankey, for established and retired dentists and dental professionals to reengage our community and for others to enhance their education and professional careers. Here is what we've been up to:

2011 | Bringing Us Together

After careful consideration and with the intent to attract a wider range of participants, we changed our alternating Alumni Association and Class One Triple Plus Club Meetings to The Annual Meeting. Dallas, Texas was the location of this re-envisioned, national Pankey gathering. In October of 2011, over 150 dental professionals attended the first 3-day event, which provided the highest level of advanced education for Pankey Alumni, Faculty and even friends who had never attended a course at The Institute. We featured dentists and dental technicians on the podium, and we were supported by dental companies who share our vision for the future of dentistry. From the 2011 meeting up until our most recent meeting in September of 2016, this event, supported by the Pankey Alumni Association, is an opportunity to learn and have fun.

2012 | Committed to Excellence

Being thought of as a "good" educational institution wasn't enough for us - we strive for excellence, we aim to exceed the expectations of every single participant who chooses to include Pankey in their educational journey. It was this mentality which spurred us to hold our first Faculty Calibration meeting in the summer of 2012. Lead by Dr. Dale Sorenson, Director of Essentials Education and our President & CEO, Ms. Ricki Braswell, the 4-day meeting allowed our faculty the time to revamp the learning objectives and schedules for our Essentials courses. Faculty Calibration is now an annual 2-day event, and, although we don't overhaul the courses each year, our faculty members work together to ensure that our course content is aligned with the needs of today's dentists.

2013 | Expanding Education

One of our goals was to expand our educational offerings beyond Pankey's home of The Institute located on Key Biscayne. Therefore, in 2013, led by Dr. Mark Murphy, and after nearly 20 months of assessing the needs of our community and obtaining buy-in from various stake holders, we launched Pankey Learning Groups. A Pankey Learning Group is our form of study clubs, but, like everything we offer, they go beyond what you may expect. We created two models to choose from - an independent model where cases are sent to you and a facilitated model where the group enjoys a 2-day facilitated meeting twice a year. Either model comes with the high quality clinical and behavioral educational experience that is worthy of being attached to Pankey. Now, three years later, Pankey Learning Groups have formed all over the WORLD (U.S., Canada, England and Israel) and the program is being guided by Drs. Denny Byrne and Nancy Ward.

2014 | Creating Opportunities

By early 2014 we began to see a change in the faces of our participants, especially within our Essentials courses. The faces were younger! Surprisingly young, as in fresh out of dental school, and occasionally, still in dental school. We therefore began offering scholarships to Essentials 1 course participants. By the close of the year, we had offered $500 scholarships to about half of the E1 participants. Over the past 3 years we have provided more than $150,000 in scholarships. Most of the scholarship money has come directly from our operating account, but in 2015 we began to create privately funded endowments, which, as they mature, will fund future scholarships.

2015 | Lifting As We Climb

Many within our profession bemoan the challenges facing dental schools and young graduates. At Pankey we decided to do something to help our profession - we launched the Pankey Adopt-a-Dental School program to support the faculty at our dental schools and to provide continuing education to dental students with the ultimate goal of introducing them to the Pankey Philosophy and comprehensive dentistry. This program has been championed by Dr. Jeff Baggett and has swelled to include more than 30 schools. We are proud to have Pankey Ambassadors touching the lives of our future colleagues!

2016 | Crossing Boarders

The Pankey Philosophy is both timeless and knows no boarders, which is why this year we are so Pankey Proud to announce the launch of Pankey Europe! For decades, we have had the opportunity to boast that we are a global community. Many within our community recall that in the 1980's we hosted doctors from Japan. More recently, we've had doctors from all over Europe, including a large group from Denmark - and as far away as Australia and New Zealand. We rarely have a course at The Institute where we don't have a few of our friends from Canada. The inaugural Pankey Europe meeting took place on Feb 3-4, 2017 in Oxford, England and plans call for this marvelous conference to be an annual educational event, rotating around Europe and thereby helping us continue our goal of providing exceptional Pankey education outside of the walls of The Institute.

2017 | Changing With The Times

Lest you think that we are ready to sit back and take it easy, we have a really exciting renovation project in the works. The Pankey Institute is our home on Key Biscayne. The Institute was built in 1999 and we are committed to keeping it as the most prestigious educational institutions in the world. The renovations will take about a year to complete but the finished building will feature state of the art dental laboratories and a dental clinic, refreshed lecture halls and 22 bedroom/bathroom suites.

Current Bedroom Layout
Current Faculty Living Room Layout
New Bedroom Layout
New Faculty Living Room Layout

Pankey Legacy Campaign Committee

Legacy Campaign Honorary Co-Chairs
Mrs. Anne Pankey Martin
Mrs. Beth Pankey Lotspeich

Legacy Campaign Co-Chairs
Dr. Jim Kincaid
Mrs. Glenn Kincaid

Legacy Campaign Vice-Chairs
Dr. and Mrs. Jeff and Becky Baggett
Dr. Denny Byrne and Dr. Nancy Ward
Dr. and Mrs. Mike and Mary Ann Crete
Dr. and Mrs. William and Alison Gregg
Drs. Richard and Amy Hunt
Mr. Don Kaatz
Dr. and Mrs. Mark and Denice Murphy
Dr. and Mrs. Dale and Michelle Sorenson

Legacy Campaign Committee Members
Dr. Irwin Becker
Dr. Daren Becker
Dr. Kelley Brummett
Dr. Michelle Lee
Dr. Ed Mukamal
Dr. Kevin F. Muench
Drs. Marie and Dennis Stiles
Dr. David Swan
Dr. George Warga
Dr. Brad Weiss

Legacy Campaign Staff Liaisons
Ms. Gemma Berry
Ms. Ricki Braswell

Pankey leadership is comprised of many talented and passionate volunteers. From our Board of Directors and Advisors to our Visiting Faculty and Staff, the strength of Pankey lies in our community and in their willingness to selflessly give to help others. This has been the Pankey way for almost half a century. All Foundation team members and volunteers are emboldened by the core values of integrity, family and passion.