What features does The Pankey Institute have for learning purposes? The Institute maintains two lecture halls, two hands-on labs with projected learning at each station, and a twelve chair clinic.

What is your class size? Most of our dental higher education courses are registered to a maximum of 16 or 24 participants with 3-6 faculty members making for an advantageous ratio.

Who are our faculty members? Our Visiting Faculty is comprised of a cross-section of practitioners, technicians, and guest presenters. All regions, types of practices, and years in practice are represented offering objective learning and applicable experience.

Are there prerequisites for the Essential courses? Our Essential courses do not carry prerequisites. However, it is recommended that you have a good understanding of the curriculum when making your decision as to your course selection. We encourage you to discuss this decision with our Essentials coordinators to maximize your learning experience. Please contact the Institute for further information.

What is the nearest airport to the Institute? The Miami International Airport is a short cab/uber ride to the Institute.

What meals are provided by the Institute? There will be breakfast options provided throughout the duration of the course you are attending.

What transportation is available to and from the airport? You will receive information regarding your options for transportation; the MIA is located about 30 minutes driving distance or 15 miles from the Institute.

What is the dress code during each course? The dress code is business casual.