The Clinical Facility

Advanced Dental Training

Get ready to dive in during your visit with us. While some advanced dental training centers may only feature days filled with lecture, you will be immersed in a well-rounded week bursting with scintillating demonstrations and stimulating hands-on activities as well as engaging discussion.

Within the Institute, we are proud to boast:

  • A clinic, including 12 individual learning stations set up to replicate a treatment suite much like you would see in your own practice. Every day dental supplies are available as well. A room designed for group learning, it features a small section of auditorium seating to allow you to view projection from the facilitator’s station. The room is also equipped with state-of-the-art technology, including audio visual, digital X-ray, and iCat for use in diagnostic teaching.
  • Two laboratories with projection capabilities at each individual station for optimized learning. The labs also are equipped with a sterilization room as well as everything necessary for the preparation of diagnostic and treatment planning models. In addition, our labs feature model adaptable mannequins at each station for each participant. State-of-the-art handpieces also are available.
  • Two lecture halls with electrical connections for each individual’s iPad, laptop, etc., as well as state-of-the-art projectors and audio visual equipment.

Our large and bright clinical facilities are conducive to group learning and allow you to immediately practice the concepts discussed within each lecture, from splint fabrication to trial equilibration on diagnostic models.